Are my parameters OK for my clam?

Discussion in 'Clams' started by Aidan, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Aidan

    Aidan Plankton

    Jun 11, 2008
    Ok, heres the story. I went to my LFS about 3 weeks ago, and put my name on one of the Squamosas they were getting in, because if i didnt it would have got snapped up, so i payed for it there and then. I came home and noticed alot of white spots on my Coral Beauty, obviously white spot. I was like crap im going to get the clam in a few days what am i to do, ive got the white spot treatment you can use to treat it with corals and inverts in the tank so ill use that. The bottle does come with a warning that SOME centropyges are sensitive to the treatment but i used it anyway because i didnt want my dominos contracting it. Anyway did the 4 treatments over 4 days like it said, my coral beauty died on the 3 treatment when i came home from work, obviously it was either the treatment, or that the whitespot was in a pretty mature stage before i treated it, i did have 2 days off from my tank. Anyway it died, do i did the 4th treatment anyway. Didnt have the protein skimmer on for the 4 days, i did a small water change of 15 litres. I did a massive water change of 40 litres, because the treatment said to, plus the would be sensitive if the treatment was still floating round.

    I got my clam yesterday, my parameters are

    Ammonia; 0
    Nitrites; 0
    Nitrates; 0.25 low range
    Phosphate; 0
    Calcium; 440/450 ppm
    Magnesium; 1270/1280 ppm
    Ph; 8.2
    Salinity; 1.025
    Temp; 25

    Are they ok? I've heard your supposed to have no nitrates, is that true?

    I have currently 2 dominos, 1 bubble tip, 1 magnifica, 1 favites honeycomb, hermits, snails and a nice looking blue linkia...everything has being in the tank for a while besides the magnifica, that was purchased yesterday too

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  3. coral reefer

    coral reefer Giant Squid

    Jan 9, 2006
    Clams feed on nitrates as do many other life forms living within your aquarium, s your nitrate level is fine for a squamosa! What size tank do you have and what kind of lighting are you running?