APRIL ONLY Special for MAX 2013 Hobby Tables!

Discussion in 'Marine Aquarium Expo' started by MadMAX, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. MadMAX

    MadMAX 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 23, 2009

    Hello Folks!
    During the month of April ONLY, we offer an insane "Early Bird Incentive" to all MAX exhibitors.

    As such, for the MONTH of APRIL ONLY, we are offering an "Early Bird Incentive" for Hobby Tables too!
    Hobby Tables include: ONE TABLE, ONE CHAIR, ONE 5-AMP PLUG, ONE ID PASS...
    FOR $100 Straight up!
    Full fee must be paid at time of registration and MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE MIDNIGHT OF APRIL 30, 2012 (no exceptions)
    The Marine Aquarium Expo is April 6-7, 2013 at the OC Fair & Event Center in Building #18
    1) READ HERE:
    - Only ONE person allowed per hobby table for this price (additional fee of $50 applies if second "helper" is needed)
    - Absolutely NO Business entities whatsoever are allowed to purchase hobby tables (this includes website sales, etc.)
    - No advertising, signs, banners, or promotional literature whatsoever is allowed at or dispersed from hobby tables.
    - Hobby Tables include one 6-foot draped table, chair, 5-amps of electricity, Seawater, and ID pass for entire weekend.
    - Frag Tank limited to 48" in Length, 24" in width, and 12" in depth. Rental table will support no more than 150lbs.
    - Hobby Table price as of May 1 starts at $150 (for one person) and increases progressively in price as time passes.
    3) PAY HERE:
    - Check (payable to "Sunset Promotional Services, Inc.")
    - PayPal to: [email protected]
    - Credit Card: (call 714-530-1094 or e-mail: [email protected])
    You are now an official Hobby Seller for MAX 2013!

    Pics of MAX 2012:
    SO WHAT is the Marine Aquarium Expo?


    THIS is the Marine Aquarium Expo:
    This is Booth A1during the show: (First Come FirstServed!)
    Here were the Hobbyist Tables during the show: (First Come First Served)
    Mark Callahan's (and most of the other speakers) lecture wasstanding room only:
    The Children's Touch Tank in the FinZone:
    There were times our photographer couldn't even get IN tothe FinZone:
    (What goes on in the FinZone, you ask??? A LOT!)
    The Coral Oasis QUAD Booth had more live stock than you canshake a stick at!
    As did the Age of Aquariums QUAD Booth!:
    As did the ReefKoi Booth: (can we even SEE Chris backthere?) : )
    New Client Discount Tropical Fish didn't trust my suggestionto get a larger booth:

    THIS is the Marine Aquarium Expo!
    Now that you've see it for yourself.....
    Any Questions????