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Discussion in 'Holiday Lights Contests' started by Matt Rogers, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Matt Rogers

    Matt Rogers Kingfish Staff Member

    Dec 31, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    The rules are simple: post a picture and link to your favorite aquarium - and give us the specs and tell us why it is your favorite. We want to see some cool tanks! Two winners will be drawn for a CREE XP PAR 38 LED aquarium spotlight with your choice of bulb configuration from 3reef sponsor Ec Led Techno, Inc. Rolling out 3 contests in 3 days - who does this? 3reef! :)



    • Power: 9X3W 27Watt
    • Voltage: 110V
    • Led Type: Cree XP
    • LED Configuration: 4B+4CW+1AM (or your choice - see link below)
    • Lens Angle: 60Degree
    • Socket type: E26
    • LED Life:4+ years

    Possible configurations:
    Aqua-Par38 Led Spotlights for your reef ,Aqua Blue, Daylight,deep blue, -

    Contest details:
    • We will draw the winners on December 25th.
    • Your tank cannot be your favorite. :)
    • Linking to other sites is fine - better than just image - they get traffic!
    • You must a picture and link to your favorite aquarium - and give us the specs and tell us why it is your favorite

    Big thank to Ec Led Techno Inc!
    - Aqua-Par38 Led Aquarium Lights, LED Spotlights for nano & shallow reef tanks
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  3. SnooknRedz

    SnooknRedz Vlamingii Tang

    Sep 4, 2010
    Melbourne FL
    Ok so we have 3 contest running currently! Thats just awesome, I was just thinking its been a while since we've had one, I think the last one was either the banner or get the word out one, either way its been a few months. Just in time for the holidays, some reefers are gonna have a bright Christmas for sure. no pun intended... ahh hell, yes it was intended lol.

    Look forward to seeing some entries on this one.

    Just curious what happens when your fav tank is someone elses fav too? I guess pick another, but that wouldnt be your true favorite...
    and how is the winner judged? By the tank they post, or the knowledge of it?
    and what if that tank is on 3reef? does the owner of the tank get credit or the first one to post the link to it... because your own tank cant be used...
  4. SwimsWithFish

    SwimsWithFish Giant Squid

    Nov 22, 2011
    DFW Texas
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  5. LoJack

    LoJack Sea Dragon

    Aug 3, 2009
    Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
    The Alluring Reef of Anagonbe

    This Japanese Aquarium to me is the definition of clean cut eye appeal. Very pleasing, very balanced, and the aquascape just blows me away.




    You'll notice the difference in lighting in the tank. This guy actually has two different spectrums over his tank in order to ensure the success of his deepwater acro's. The blue on the left is almost 40K!!!!
  6. Zechenia

    Zechenia Corkscrew Tentacle Anemone

    Jan 13, 2011
    Spokane, WA
    Tank of the Month - December 2008 - Reefkeeping.com

    Edit: Removed Images. They weren't working. Click the link though, I think it's stunning! :)

    System Water Volume: Approximately 590-gallons
    Main Tank: 427-gallons
    Sump: 160-gallons
    Lighting: Two Maristar 2 x 250 watt metal halide, 2 X 39 watt T5s run on Icecap electronic ballasts, and four 24-watt Finnex T5s. The four 250-watt metal halides are Ushio 250 watt 14000K bulbs. The T5s are a mix of ATI Blue Plus and Pro Color.

    Soft Corals:
    Clove Polyps
    Green Star Polyp- different varieties
    Organ Pipe Coral
    Colt Coral
    Finger Leather
    Mushroom Leather
    Purple Frilly Gorgonian
    Purple Sea Blade
    Pacific Gorgonian
    Zoanthids-various types and colors
    Mushroom Corals- various types and colors

    Stony Corals:

    H. gigantea anemone
    Basket starfish

    I stumbled upon this tank when I was doing research to first start the hobby over a year ago, and it still stands out in my mind. Not only is the tank itself beautiful, but the way it fits into the sunroom is just gorgeous. As soon as I read this contest I had to go find it again! It's really my dream to have a space to utilize and then to do so as well as this tank does!!
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  7. 1.0reef

    1.0reef Giant Squid

    Mar 2, 2011
    Orinda, Bay Area, CA
    Campbell's 120x36x30 In-Wall FOWLR - Reef Central Online Community.
    My favorite FOWLR!
    DT- 600 gallons IIRC
    whole system- 1000 gallons or so
    Lighting- 48" 8x54 watt TEK T5.
    Return pump- Reeflo blackfin 6000 pump- This is going to be replaced lol(blackfin pumps suck!
    skimmer- MRC MR6R
    sump- 125 gallons
    refuge- 125 gallons
    skimmer feed- mag 18
    500 LBS LR
    500 LBS of fine argonite sand
    dual 55 gallon QT tanks with a 30 gallon sump
    175g FW vat
    135g SW mixer
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  9. 1.0reef

    1.0reef Giant Squid

    Mar 2, 2011
    Orinda, Bay Area, CA

    Current list:
    Clarion Angel (5")
    Conspic Angel (4")
    Bandit Angel (2")
    Japanese Blueline Angel (3")
    Emperor Angel(11")
    Bluface angel(10")
    Queen Angel(11")
    Venustus Angel(3.5")
    Singapore Angel(2")
    Wrought Iron Butterfly (3")
    Pair of Declivis butterfly(3.5")
    Male Regal tang(10")
    Female Naso Tang(10")
    Moorish Idol

    What is going into the tank later?
    Pair of Personifer angels
    7-10 female flame wrasse
    2 achillies tangs
    and a couple of other suprises.
    I got this from the tread in 08 so I might make changes .....
  10. dowtish

    dowtish Horrid Stonefish

    Jan 29, 2011
    Nashville TN
    Ching Chai's Thailand Reef! The most impressive setup I have ever seen!

    SYSTEM PROFILE Main tank: 120" x 48" x 48" Sump: 60" x 20" x 35" Skimmer: BK 650 Return pump: RDII 1500W Water movement: Tunze 6305x8, Tunze Waveboxx4 Lighting: 400w Aquastar 14500Kx8, VHO 140wx4(454), VHO 110wx6{454) Eco-lamps KR99M 48" x 3 Cooling system: Titanium coil 5HP with compressor Ca / KH addition: Schuran Calcium Reactor Jet 2, Kalk Reactor from Siamocean Controller: Profilux Other equipment: Ozoniser (Sander S-500) Live rock: 200kgs Live sand: 180kgs


    Build thread here:DSPS tank from Thailand (1000 gallon+) - Reef Central Online Community
    DSPS tank from Thailand II - YouTube
    A walk around the Tank - YouTube
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  11. thepanfish

    thepanfish Flying Squid

    Jan 1, 2010
    My favorite tank, esthetics wise, has to be GBD's "the glassbox". This tank may not be the biggest, or contain the rarest SPS, or have new and novel filtration methods, but it sure is beautiful. This was one of the tanks I saw that really wanted to get me into the hobby. For the years I have been in the hobby the "Japanese-style" rimless reefs have been in style. This is the first real NA based reef that has taken the rimless look to a new level, incorporating the minimalist aquascape, barebottom tanks, and various aquarium products from overseas.
    Perhaps one of my favorite things about this tank is the incorporation of the rare Prognathodes butterfly fish (a fav of mine) into an SPS tank, something many hobbyists are reluctant to do.
    This tank was also a test tank, not only for equipment ( such as the poorly designed Sfiligoi Xenus wavemaker) but for methodologies like Zeolite.
    Finally I want to touch on this tank, and GBDs, mentality. I love that they tried to create a sleek modern tank with the newest and best technologies. From cone skimmers to LEDs, this tank radiates icy coolness. If this tank were a house, it would be an artist's loft in Tribeca. And that, perhaps, is the main reason I love this tank.

    The tank itself a custom 90 gallon Starphire rimless

    Lighting is as follows:
    1 x AI Sol Blue (90% B, 90%RB, 55%W)
    MT-250 Metal Halide (MzOne lamp, equivalent to Phx 14K)
    1x 12k Nano Customs Par38 LED Spotlight
    1x 20K Nano Custom Par38 LED Spotlight
    3x Blue Cree XR-E 3w LED spotlights

    Skimmer is a small ATB external cone with a custom neck extension

    Flow is provided by an MP10 and Tunze
    ATB Flowstar return pump
    GHL stand alone doser

    BRS dry rock
    40# 1-4mm grain sand

    Stock includes:
    various tabling and deepwater Acropora
    Prognathodes aya
    P. marcellae
    Roaops hybrid
    2 Percula Clowns
    2 Blue Eye Cardinals
    Scarlet Hermit Crabs
    (the tank has been through many different deepwater butterflies that have been removed due to aggresion or had died during a terrible Uronema infection)


    Here is alink with a really great HD vid of the tank prior to teardown
    the glassbox, reef aquarium video
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  12. Zechenia

    Zechenia Corkscrew Tentacle Anemone

    Jan 13, 2011
    Spokane, WA
    I'm hoping that if we post a link and because the pictures aren't hotlinkable it still counts :)
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