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Matt Rogers' Neo Nano Aquarium
  • Matt Rogers' Neo Nano Aquarium

    A cumulation of knowledge and improvements gained from every setback and curve-ball have finally led to stability and coral growth. It was not easy of course. Every tank is different and a successful routine to be discovered - this one took a while. But I think I am "there" - that magic place we reefers strive to reach for.

    The Aquarium

    The Neo Nano is a beautiful nano aquarium. Rimless with a unique waterfall return. This return is a mixed blessing. On one hand, sitting under my halide, it is a fantastic algae turf filter. Every few weeks during a water change, I scrape off the excess. On the other hand, it can be very loud. Especially if you let the growth go for a while. Additionally, it restricts flow as you need to keep it low to keep noise down and keep the bubbles down in the aquarium.

    That said, I do love the aquarium and given the opportunity, I will take the time to remove the water fall return and replace it with a more standard one that will allow me to increase flow.

    The shallowness of this aquarium presents challenges as well. It took a while for me to realize I was cooking my SPS corals and moved them lower in the aquarium. Sometimes I feel that even a 70 watt halide would be appropriate over this aquarium.


    My routine is pretty locked down. Every few weeks I fill up a 10 gallon aquarium placed on a table nearby with new tank water (mixed over night) and perform a water change. I drain the old water by using a maxi-jet pump in the sump and fill a 5 gallon water container a couple times. Then I place the maxi-jet in my 10 gallon aquarium and pump it into the display tank.


    Due to the low water volume of this aquarium, I had a lot of stability issues - especially with alk initially. Then I bought a 3 pump Bubble Magus doser and used the additive calculator on this site and weekly water tests to determine dose rates. Once I dialed it in, my aquarium has been very stable. I highly recommend a doser for those with similar nano aquariums and SPS corals.


    1 Coral Beauty Angelfish
    1 Royal Gramma
    2 Bangaai Cardinalfish
    (I am on my second captive-bred set after the first recently passed away after 4 years and spawning a couple times)
  • Specs

    34 Gallon Neo Nano Aquarium from Deep Sea Aquatics
    * 24" x 24" x 14"
    * Dual 3" x 3" overflow boxes
    * 2 1" bulkhead drains
    * “Cascade" return system


    * 25" x 25" x 32"


    * 18" x 18" x 18"

    Protein Skimmer:

    Warner Marine MF121
    Fantastic 12w skimmer.


    Fixture: Aqua Medic Ocean Light (150w halide HQI / T5)
    Halide Bulb: Phoenix 14k
    T5: UVL 22 Inch 24W/40W Super Actinic Bulb 420nm T5 V-HO Fluorescent Bulbs
    Ballast: Lumatek Electronic ballast

    This ballast and light combo is simply the best I have ever had. THe color is great and the soft-start electronic ballast has kept the bulb cake free since day 1.

    Sump Pump:

    Eheim 1260 (630 GPH)


    (2) Vortech MP10s
    synched in reef crest mode

    Auto Top Off:

    Gravity Fed. Kent Marine float switch and 5 gallon reservoir.
    This float switch cost me $15 and is hassle free. It keeps the water line as a solid line and I don't need to prime a pump when I top off. It just works.

    Cutting Board
    I never was very good with sand. It required a lot of maintenance. Now I can just blast away.

    chaeto in sump
    air-injected with bubble disc for better circulation and pH
    BoostLED PAR lamp - recent addition - chaeto loves it and it takes up less room that the old shop light I had.

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Water Filter:
    SpectraPure ProPlus 90 GPD RO/DI

    UV filter:
    Aqua Medic 5w. Gravity fed.

    Bubble Magus BM-T01

    This doser saved my aquarium.
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