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Image Title Text
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
22 22 :snooze:
2thumbsup 2thumbsup :2thumbsup:
LolLolLolLol LolLolLolLol :lolsign:
Looking Looking :looking:
MrT MrT :mrt:
Afro Afro :afro:
Alien Alien :alien:
Angel Angel :angel:
Angry Angry :angry:
Annoyed Annoyed :annoyed:
Anxious Anxious :anxious:
Argue Argue :argue:
Army Army :army:
Artist Artist :artist:
Baby Baby :baby:
Balloon Balloon :balloon:
Balloon2 Balloon2 :balloon2:
Balloon3 Balloon3 :balloon3:
Bandana Bandana :bandana:
Bawling Bawling :bawling:
Beadyeyes2 Beadyeyes2 :beadyeyes2:
Beatnik2 Beatnik2 :beatnik2:
Beer Beer :beer:
Beer2 Beer2 :beer2:
Bigcry Bigcry :bigcry:
Biggrin Biggrin :biggrin:
Biggrinbounce Biggrinbounce :biggrinbounce:
Biglaugh Biglaugh :biglaugh:
Biker Biker :biker:
Bomb Bomb :bomb:
Book2 Book2 :book2:
Bouncylaugh Bouncylaugh :bouncylaugh:
Bucktooth Bucktooth :bucktooth:
Builder2 Builder2 :builder2:
Bulb Bulb :bulb:
Bulb2 Bulb2 :bulb2:
Cheesy Cheesy :cheesy:
Chef Chef :chef:
Clown Clown :clown:
Computer Computer :computer:
Confused Confused :confused2:
Confused1 Confused1 :confused1:
Cool Cool :coolglasses:
Cool2 Cool2 :cool2:
Cool3 Cool3 :cool3:
Cool4 Cool4 :cool4:
Cowboy Cowboy :cowboy:
Crazy Crazy :crazy:
Crown Crown :crown:
Crowngrin Crowngrin :crowngrin:
Cry Cry :cry:
Cry2 Cry2 :cry2:
Curtain Curtain :curtain:
Daisy Daisy :daisy:
Dead Dead :dead:
Deal2 Deal2 :deal2:
Devil Devil :devil:
Devil1 Devil1 :devil1:
Devil2 Devil2 :devil2:
Devilish Devilish :devilish:
Disappointed Disappointed :disappointed:
Disguise Disguise :disguise:
Dizzy Dizzy :dizzy:
Dizzy2 Dizzy2 :dizzy2:
Dozey Dozey :dozey:
Drive Drive :drive:
Drool Drool :drool:
Drummer Drummer :drummer:
Drunk Drunk :drunk:
Dunce Dunce :dunce:
Dunce2 Dunce2 :dunce2:
Ears Ears :ears:
Eek Eek :eek2:
Egypt Egypt :egypt:
Embarassed Embarassed :embarassed:
End End :end:
Evil Evil :evil:
Evil2 Evil2 :evil2:
Evil3 Evil3 :evil3:
Evilgrin Evilgrin :evilgrin:
Finger Finger :finger:
Finger1 Finger1 :finger1:
Fireman Fireman :fireman:
First First :first:
Fish Fish :fish:
Freak3 Freak3 :freak3:
Frown Frown :frown:
Furious Furious :furious:
Furious2 Furious2 :furious2:
Furious3 Furious3 :furious3:
Glasses2 Glasses2 :glasses2:
Goldfish Goldfish :goldfish:
Goofy Goofy :goofy:
Gorgeous Gorgeous :gorgeous:
Gossip Gossip :gossip:
Greedy Greedy :greedy:
Grin Grin :grin:
Grin2 Grin2 :grin2:
Grin3 Grin3 :grin3:
Grinning Smiley 002 Grinning Smiley 002 :grinning-smiley:
Guitarist Guitarist :guitarist:
Hair2 Hair2 :hair2:
Hammer Hammer :hammer:
Hat Hat :hat:
Hehe Hehe :hehe:
Helmet Helmet :helmet:
Help Help :help:
Hothead Hothead :hothead:
Huh Huh :huh:
Huh2 Huh2 :huh2:
Idea Idea :idea:
Idea2 Idea2 :idea2:
Iloveyou Iloveyou :iloveyou:
Indian Brave Indian Brave :indian_brave:
Indian Chief Indian Chief :indian_chief:
Inquisitive Inquisitive :inquisitive:
Jester Jester :jester:
Joker Joker :joker:
Juggle2 Juggle2 :juggle2:
Kid Kid :kid:
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Klingon Klingon :klingon:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Laugh3 Laugh3 :laugh3:
Laugh4 Laugh4 :laugh4:
Laugh5 Laugh5 :laugh5:
Laugh6 Laugh6 :laugh6:
Laughcry Laughcry :laughcry:
Laughing015 Laughing015 :laughing015:
Laughing016 Laughing016 :laughing016:
Laughingsmiley Laughingsmiley :laughingsmiley:
Laughingsmiley1 Laughingsmiley1 :laughingsmiley1:
Laughingsmiley2 Laughingsmiley2 :laughingsmiley2:
Laughy Laughy :laughy:
Leer Leer :leer:
Lipsrsealed Lipsrsealed :lipsrsealed:
Loco Loco :loco:
Lol Lol :lol:
Love Love :love:
Mad Mad :mad2:
Mean Mean :mean:
Mellow Mellow :mellow:
Ohwe Ohwe :ohwe:
Oops Oops :oops-sign:
Party Smiley 004 Party Smiley 004 :party-smiley:
Party007 Party007 :party007:
Party009 Party009 :party009:
Party010 Party010 :party010:
Party014 Party014 :party014:
Pics Pics :pics:
Pics2 Pics2 :pics2:
Pilgrim Pilgrim :pilgrim:
Pimp2 Pimp2 :pimp2:
Pirate Pirate :pirate:
Pirate2 Pirate2 :pirate2:
Pissed Pissed :pissed:
Policeman Policeman :policeman:
Redface Redface :redface:
Rifle Rifle :rifle:
Rolleyes Rolleyes :rolleyes2:
Rolleyes3 Rolleyes3 :rolleyes3:
Sad Sad :sad:
Scholar Scholar :scholar:
Second Second :second:
Shame Shame :shame:
Shifty Shifty :shifty:
Shocked Shocked :shocked:
Shocked2 Shocked2 :shocked2:
Shocked3 Shocked3 :shocked3:
Shout Shout :shout:
Sick Sick :sick:
Sick2 Sick2 :sick2:
Singer Singer :singer:
Skull Skull :skull:
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping:
Smart Smart :smart:
Smartass Smartass :smartass:
Smartass1 Smartass1 :smartass1:
Smartass2 Smartass2 :smartass2:
Smile Smile :smile:
Smile Clap Smile Clap :smile_clap:
Smiley Smiley :smiley:
Smoke Smoke :smoke:
Smokin Smokin :smokin:
Smoking Smoking :smoking:
Smug Smug :smug:
Smug2 Smug2 :smug2:
Smurf Smurf :smurf:
Sneaky Sneaky :sneaky:
Snobby Snobby :snobby:
Snore Snore :snore:
Snore1 Snore1 :snore1:
Sombrero Sombrero :sombrero:
Speechless Speechless :speechless:
Speechless002 Speechless002 :speechless002:
Square Square :square:
Stare Stare :stare:
Stars Stars :stars:
Stop Stop :stop:
Stupid Stupid :stupid:
Sultan Sultan :sultan:
Sunny Sunny :sunny:
Surprised Surprised :surprised:
Sweetheart Sweetheart :sweetheart:
Thinking2 Thinking2 :thinking2:
Third Third :third:
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :thumbs_up:
Thumbs Up1 Thumbs Up1 :thumbs_up1:
Toilet Toilet :toilet:
Tongue Tongue :tongue:
Tongue3 Tongue3 :tongue3:
Tongue4 Tongue4 :tongue4:
Tounge2 Tounge2 :tounge2:
Trampoline Trampoline :trampoline:
Turkey Turkey :turkey:
Uhoh Uhoh :uhoh:
Uhoh2 Uhoh2 :uhoh2:
Undecided Undecided :undecided:
Uneasy Uneasy :uneasy:
Upsidegrin Upsidegrin :upsidegrin:
Uzi Uzi :uzi:
VeryangryORIG VeryangryORIG :veryangry:
Victory Victory :victory:
Vulcan Vulcan :vulcan:
Wacko Wacko :wacko:
Wacky Wacky :wacky:
Wave Wave :wave:
Whip Whip :whip:
Wink Wink :wink:
Wink3 Wink3 :wink3:
Wiseguy Wiseguy :wiseguy:
Worried Worried :worried:
Worried2 Worried2 :worried2:
Wreck Wreck :wreck:
Wry Wry :wry:
Yaknow Yaknow :yaknow:
Yelrotflmao Yelrotflmao :yelrotflmao: