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Unknown crab

Found this little critter with my ya like his hair doo?
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Found this little critter with my ya like his hair doo?
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  2. SAW39
    Wow! I didn't know what I was looking at at first. That is so interesting!
  3. danger dave
    danger dave
    thats awesome it has xenia on its back
    but what is it going to do when the xenia grow
  4. A4_Andre
    it's a decorator crab. that's what they do, put corals on their back.
  5. xmetalfan99
    Wow...I thought the crab was a rock w/ coral on it and was going..."Where the F is that dam crab that he's talking about". Then I saw it. Really really cool.
  6. Ruminus
    Ah, the ultimate in mobile homes for your coral! I so didn't see a crab until I walked by the screen after I'd gotten up in frustration. LOL