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Sun Polyps

Sun Polyps
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Sun Polyps
  1. amberj
    are those hard to keep up? i know you have to feed them and what not. just wondering because i am thinking about getting one.
  2. Cat4wisson
    So far I haven't had much trouble, we have had it since June or so. I feed it 1-2 times a week with frozen brine and other frozen foods. You just have to keep the other fish from eating the shrimp after it gets caught in it's polyps. It will come out mostly at night, or early am since it doesn't need light, and it likes darker parts of the tank better.
  3. whippy
    How is your sun coral doing? I'm very interested in getting one!
  4. Kristiavi
    Very pretty! Someday I will have them in my tank =]