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new 300

And this is from the "living" room. Doesn't everyone have a pool table in their...
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And this is from the "living" room. Doesn't everyone have a pool table in their living room?
  1. geekdafied
    I can just see somebody scratchin an a ball hitting that tank....
  2. usmc121581
    I wouldn't even want to think about something like that.
  3. Blade_Runner
    It's pretty thick acrylic. There is no way I'd leave the table there if it was glass.
  4. sostoudt
    idunno theres some pretty bad pool players.
  5. ComputerJohn
    I agree, I would never have a table in the same room regardless if it was glass or acrylic. Remember, that's 2400 pounds pressing against the tank walls of just water. Not to mention you know what a scuff mark a pool ball will do to that tank. Errrrrrr. I don't even want to think about it. But either way sharp tank.