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Orange shoulder Tang (Juv) what type of trigger ??? Ocellaris_clown Young Diamond Spot Goby Top quality Chili Red Arowana fish and many others for sale My bicolor foxface Catfish sargassum angler Manderin my grouper what type of trigger ??? Ocellaris Clown and Sailfin tang White Cheek my grouper IMG_0831 IMG_0384
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  2. PackLeader
    That's an awfully expensive cat kennel. I don't think it will be reef safe either.
  3. ReefSparky
    Good stuff! :)
  4. inwall75
  5. scenario1313
  6. amcarrig
    That was Bubba-fish and he was none too happy about being placed in the tank just for my amusement. He is currently being cared for by one of my co-workers because Roger is allergic :(