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50 gallon reef tank!! :]
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DSCF1015 my_tank2 The Quarantine IMG_1058 DSC03203 Beginning 11/08 ending 3/09 DSCF0858 40_gal_tank Right side of my 5 month old reef tank strega168 first sw aquarium 50g cichlid mix tank Picture_0031 G's 55 gallon reef IMG_20130902_163142 My New 135 gal Reef Setup!! IMG_0778
50 gallon reef tank!! :]
  1. hot_dr_papi21
  2. Seano Hermano
    Seano Hermano
    I love the rock work. What kind of rock is that?
  3. Indiana Boy
    Indiana Boy
    Very nice set up. I really like your rock work =)