Tank/Sump Set Up Discussion of how to set up and tank and sump.


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A sump is aquarium or other container underneath the stand of the display tank that provides a multitude of purposes for the reef aquarist.

Sump Benefits
  1. Provides for a refugium which greatly increases biologic filtration through deep sand beds and macroalgae.
  2. Provides a refuge to cultivate copepods and other beneficial live foods.
  3. Provides a place for a large protein skimmer.
  4. Enables plumbing options for media reactors, two-part dosing and other additions.
  5. Increases
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Bulkhead Notes from AZDesertRat

The important things to remember are the gasket always goes on the flange side regardless if that is inside or outside the tank, if its next to the nut water will migrate through the threads. Always install the gasket clean and dry, never use and lubricants or sealants.

Bulkhead tips:

1. Always install bulkheads clean and dry, no silicone's, teflons or thread lubricants. Silicone's and lubricants cause the gasket to scoot...
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Fan Notes

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Fans are a simple way to augment the heat rejection from your tank. There are two principal means that fans can help with relative to aquarium water: 1) Blowing hot air away from the tank such as under a hood with metal halide lights and 2) Blowing air over a water surface to increase evaporation and cool the water. The first technique is obviously done near a heat source such as your lights. The second can be done in the sump or the display tank. Either can be effective for small amounts of...
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Bubble Trap Notes

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Bubble Traps and Bubble Towers...

In my reading, I've seen traps and towers refer to MANY different configurations. Thus, for this write up, I will discuss bubble traps referring to the use of baffles in a sump to prevent bubbles from reaching the return pump and I will discuss bubble towers referring to the use live rock in a plastic container to eliminate bubbles coming from the drain pipes into the sump.
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Porous Foam Notes

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