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fitch4 01-25-2012 01:17 PM

2012 CT Frag Farmer's Market Invite!

Jon Swanson here from the Edwin O. SMith High School coral project ( Its that time again, FFM 2012 is on March 10, this year from 12-5pm. The deal will be the same as last year FREE to get in and TONS of awesome corals at great prices. I always go in thinking I don't need anything and leave with a cooler full of things I didn't need... The idea behind the FFM is to promote the idea of aquacultured corals for use in the hobby. As part of the research project that I have going with my students at the school, I open up the school for regional hobbyists to set-up tanks and come in to sell frags that they have. A few of the local shops, who do some fragging, come in to set up as well. My motivation being that if I can provide a way for the hobbyist to sell his/her "crop" off to make a buck to support their tanks, they will be more likely to frag, grow and distribute their stuff. On the other end, it makes aquacultured frags available to the hobbyists who come to shop so they are more likely to stock their tanks with homegrown frags. It was awesome last year and keeps getting better each year. Spread the word, come out and pick up some great home grown frags to stock your tank!
Did I mention it was FREE to get in?
If you have frags that you would like to sell, it will still only be a $25 donation to the school to set-up, I supply the space, electricity, tank (if you need it but let me know early, I only have a few!), and heated water (again let me know). If you don't have enough frags yourself and want to share a tank with someone, no problem, just let me know. I am also going to do the spaces slightly differently in that I am putting together a "map" this year and will let people pick their rooms/spots ahead of time based on when they pay (first paid, first choice). This should give me a better idea of who is coming, hopefully earlier. Other than the front tables, I have just about all the spots open, so far. If you think you are interested in selling, let me know, pay in, and I will send you the "map" when I get it together so you can pick the room and location you want. I'd also like to get more of the local farmers to come out this year if I can. Feel free to mention it to anyone you know and have them get in touch with me to get signed up. Last year I ended up with lots of stores, who sell frags, which brings in LOTS of beautiful frags, but I would love to see more hobbyists make a $ or two to support their habit. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions! Thanks.

fitch4 02-20-2012 12:20 PM

People have been bugging me for a few weeks for a list of who will be at the Frag Farmer's Market selling so here is where we are at with three weeks to go:
Aqua addicts
Argiís Tag Sale (CT)
Awkparrot (CT)
Boston Aqua Farms
Coral Reef Aquarium
CT Marinelife
E.O. Smith (CT)
Fish Frenzy
Frank180Reef (BRS)
Gotham Aquatics
Greg Hiller (BRS)
Kelvin (PA)
Kyle T (CT)
Labnjab (NH)
Linda C. (NY)
Nycpassat (NYC)
Oceanus Inland Reef
Pablo (NYC)
Puppy Center
Reef Creations (NYC)
Reefpickle (NH)
Steve (NYC)
Swannyson (CT)
This is only the paid list and people who are selling. I have another list of people who are on the fence, or have not paid in yet so I consider them to be "maybe" still. I also have a few clubs coming to set-up as well which are not on the list. The raffle list is also growing but you will have to wait to see what I have! As you can see, we have a BIG list this year and it continues to grow every day. I do still have space and will be spreading it into 5 rooms this year (only 4 last year). Do me, and the vendors, a favor and spread the word. I want to see everyone come out for the day. No one leaves the Frag Farmer's dissapointed!

FatBastad 02-29-2012 05:42 AM

+1 for Chris @ Aquadreams.
I was in there a few day's ago and he had a new "ultra" rack in his small frag tank...

SteelerMike 02-29-2012 04:13 PM

Will some of the vendors be selling equipment as well, or just frags?

fitch4 03-04-2012 02:54 AM

It is mostly frags but I know a few of the stores bring dry goods as well. What were you looking for?

SteelerMike 03-05-2012 10:22 AM

Well, I'm just getting started and setting up my tank so I was wondering if people would have protein skimmers, lights etc. I'm going to go anyway, just because it sounds cool. Just wondering how much cash I should bring ;D in case I want to buy some equipment.

fitch4 03-05-2012 11:10 AM

A few of the stores bring stuff along and I know atleast one guy is setting up some of his gently used stuff as well. Stop and see me, I have a bunch of stuff that the school project has that might fit your needs. I'm Jon, and I'll be the one who looks way too busy!

fitch4 03-05-2012 11:20 AM

We made it to 33 "vendors" this year with a great mix of old friends and new farmers, stores and hobbyists. It stands to be a the biggest FFM by far!. I can probably squeeze one or two more people in if they get in touch with me soon!
If you have a few minutes and are even close to in the area, stop by and shop! It is free to get in, no advance ticketss needed so just come on out! It will be worth your trip, I promise!
Do me a favor, SPREAD THE WORD about the event during this week. Tell anyone who might be interested to come out, especially if they are from the Boston area. There are going to be a TON of corals and I would love to see them all find good homes. See you all in a week. Thanks!

2012 Frag Farmer's List
Anthony27 NYC
Aqua addicts NH
Aquadreams MA
Artreaction CT
Awkparrot (Ron) CT
Benboarder NH
Boston Aqua Farms MA
Coral Reef Aquarium MA
Coralium CT
CT Marinelife CT
E.O. Smith CT
Elmafioso52988 BRS
EMG (Eileen) CT
Exotic Fish and Coral CT
Fintastic CT
Fish Frenzy MA
Fraggedstuff CT
Frank180reef BRS
Gotham Aquatics NYC
Greg Hiller BRS
Keith M’s Tag Sale CT
Kelvin PA
Kyle T CT
Labnjab (Jason) NH
Linda C. NY
Lisa McMurphy NY
Oceanus Inland Reef MA
Pablo NYC
Puppy Center CT
Reef Creations NYC
Reefpickle (Chris) NH
Steve NYC
Swannyson (Scott) CT
Willie (nycpassat) NYC

SteelerMike 03-05-2012 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by fitch4 (Post 1309347)
A few of the stores bring stuff along and I know atleast one guy is setting up some of his gently used stuff as well. Stop and see me, I have a bunch of stuff that the school project has that might fit your needs. I'm Jon, and I'll be the one who looks way too busy!

I'll definitely do that! Thanks Jon. Looking forward to it!

SteelerMike 03-10-2012 05:05 PM

Well Jon, I have to say you did an awesome job with the market today. I learned a ton, picked up a used skimmer (thanks for the deal ;D) and even won a little tank in the raffle. I will definitely go to this again next year and will be recomending it to my friends. Now to get my tank going so I can buy some of those frags!

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